Warning: Audio Stock Music May Not Be The Best Answer For Your Game

Stock Library Music

If you just look at the price, there’s little reason not to use audio stock music for your indie game.

The price is cheap, the service is quick and the web sites are easy to find.

If you are on a tight budget they are an excellent option for game developers.

However, there are several compelling reasons why stock music may not always be the best choice when choosing music for your game, and here I’ll explain what the main reasons are.

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How To Find A Video Game Composer

How to find the right video game composer for your project is an important question.

Do you just do a Google search and pick the first composer you can afford, or are there slightly more sophisticated methods to selecting one?

Here’s are some suggestions for how you go about selecting the RIGHT person.

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Do You Need A Music Budget When Making A Game?

Making a game is a complicated process. There is so much to think about.

It’s no wonder that some things get put on the back burner and not thought of until the last moment.

Music is often one of these things.

So the very idea of a music budget when it comes to an indie game could be thought of as something of a luxury .

Trouble is, if you give it no thought at all until the eleventh hour, you will be at the mercy of whatever price a composer or website wants to charge you.

I hope by the end of this article to convince you that giving at least some thought to the music you might need and your budget in the early stages of development, will put YOU back in the driving seat.
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The 6 Factors That Dictate The Cost Of An Indie Game Composer

game_composer_what_affects_costIf you are thinking about music for your game, you might be thinking about getting an indie game composer to quote for you.

This can sometimes be a good idea (but not always!), but if you don’t even know what factors could alter the cost,  it’s no wonder you might be a bit reluctant to ask one in the first place.

This article will give you a heads up on what you are getting into so you at least know what things will be going through the composer’s mind when he drops the ‘P’ bomb!

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Warning! Do You Make These Mistakes When Deciding On Your Game Background Music?

Game Devs: Very often, when you are reaching the end of your game, you are under such time pressure to get things finished, any diversions are not welcome. The music needs to get done for sure, but you are still testing, adjusting artwork and tweaking the code just to get the game stable. It’s no wonder that sometimes things get rushed. As I’ve mentioned before, starting early is one way to avoid these last minute panics, but here is a little reminder or what hurdles can trip you up. [Read more...]